Thursday, 12 April 2018

Clean campaign update: Scott's strong record representing people's concerns to the council

Clean Campaign update:  At the beginning of the council election campaign Streatham Green Party made a "clean campaign pledge”. We encouraged other parties to do the same.
However, residents have told us that they are upset about untruths being put out by another party on the record of Green Party councillor Scott Ainslie and have asked us to set the record straight. Here is what you need to know, with links to
third party sources so you can check the facts for yourself.

Last year Scott has asked council officers more questions on behalf of residents (Members Enquiries) than the both the other Labour councillors put togeher (46 - compared with 12 and 19). See Freedom of Information request.
In the last year Scott has attended all 6 full council meetings  – compared with only 4 and 5 attended by the two Labour councillors. In that time he has 
  • asked 6 questions to council on issues including fly-tipping and the closure of Streatham’s police base.
  • put 4 amendments to council motions on issues including protection of EU citizens after Brexit and on fire safety following Grenfell Tower
  • put 3 motions to council, including making Lambeth free of single-use plastics.
Since being elected in 2014 he has also used councillor's rights to 'call in' Cabinet decisions for extra scrutiny on issues such as closing libraries and demolishing council estates against residents' wishes  He has spoken on behalf of Streatham residents - and has a 100% record of success -  on licensing and planning issues.

See attendance and minutes of full council meetings April 2017-18:

If you are concerned about anything else you receive during the election, please let us know.

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