Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Six caught speeding in just over an hour on Streatham Hill

Nicole Griffiths out with police in Streatham
A police speed enforcement operation in Streatham last Friday recorded motorists doing over 50mph in what is a 30mph zone - and issued six speeding tickets in just over an hour.

The Green Team's Nicole Griffiths and other members of the Safer A23 Campaign worked with traffic officers to identify stretches of the A23 through Streatham where speeding is a particular problem.

Longer term, campaigners are calling for a re-design of the road through Streatham to deter motorists from driving at dangerous speeds and a reduction in the speed limit.

The risk of death from being hit by a car rises massively with speed of the vehicle.

Catching those who put lives at risk
At 40mph the risk of death is 90%.
At 30pm the risk of death is 50%.
At 20mph the risk of death is 20%.

According to collision figures for 2015[i], Lambeth has the highest number of road casualties on TLRN roads (821) and the most collisions resulting in death or serious injury (56). TLRN roads account for 58.6% of all road casualties in Lambeth and 56.6% of all fatal and serious injuries.

Nicole said: "It's tragic that Lambeth currently has the highest number of casualties on main roads in London.

"We need to change our thinking about how we move traffic through highly-populated areas like Streatham and the top priority must be preserving human life. We shouldn't have to take our lives in our hands every time we need to cross the road."

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Have your say on Estreham Rd closure trial

Cllr Scott Ainslie helping to inform motorists
The closure of Estreham Road to northbound traffic as part of the Quietway 5 cycling route is coming to the end of its six-month trial periods.

Lambeth Council and Sustrans want to hear your views on the scheme.

Click here to have your say.

Have your say on Ultra Low Emission Zone

Mayor Sadiq Khan is seeking Londoners' views on his proposals to bring forward the dates of  Ultra Low Emissions Zone to improve air quality in the capital.

Click here to see details of the proposals and take part in the consultation.
The proposal is for ULEZ to start on 8 April 2019 - approximately 17 months earlier than the current start date on 7 September 2020 and for it to include limits on Particulate Matter (PM) as well as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) emissions.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Congratulations to Potters Lane litter pickers

Results of litter pick
Congratulations to the volunteers who turned out to clean up Potters Lane alleyway and footbridge neaer Streatham Common station at the weekend.

They managed to fill 13 black sacks of garden waste/rubbish, 2 large green garden waste bags and 10 bags of recycling (beer cans & bottles).

Nicole Griffiths lends a hand
The Green Team's Nicole Griffiths was part of the small group led by local resident Joanna Pascoe.

The area, which is owned by Network Rail, is blighted by fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour. The litter problem has worsened since bins were removed.

Streatham Green councillor Scott Ainslie is this week raising the issue with the officers responsible  for rubbish collection and fly-tipping and will report back.

Cllr Ainslie has requested bins are reinsituted and regular sweeps made by rubbish collectors, to avoid residents having to undertake this potentially hazardous work in future.

Volunteers in action
Image may contain: plant and outdoor
After the Clean Up

+16Cases are referred to court, where offenders can be fined up to £50,000 in magistrates' courts, an unlimited amount of fines in crown courts, as well as community punishment orders or prison sentences of up to 5 years.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Greens support residents over water tanks eyesore

The Green Team's Nicole Griffiths and Cllr Scott Ainslie are supporting residents in Conyers Rd, who have been shocked by the size of new water tanks errected opposite their homes.

The size of the new storage tanks at the Thames Water treatment plant on Conyers Road are much bigger than residents had been led to expect from drawings shared with people before their construction.

With the residents, Nicole and Scott have been looking at the latest proposals from Thames Water to plant green screening around the site.

Scott is also working with other ward councillors to propose that Thames Water should fund a wider tree-planting programme in the area to compensate for the eyesore caused by the new water tanks.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Crash survivor joins campaigners to petition Mayor over A23 road danger

Nicola Wilding: survivor of a crash on A23
Crash survivor Nicola Wilding today joined Safer A23 campaigners to petition London Mayor Sadiq Khan for action to end the high level of deaths and injuries in Streatham.

Mum of one, Nicola, aged 40, who was born and brought up in Streatham, suffered permanent injury to her arm in a crash on the A23 in May 1999.

Today she joined Michelle Hammond, whose brother Francis was killed at St Leonard’s Junction in Streatham in May 2014. Together with campaigners from the Safer A23 campaign, they demonstrated outside City Hall before a meeting of the Greater London Assembly (GLA).

At the meeting there was a strong demonstration of political parties working together.  Florence Eschalomi (Labour) presented the 3,000-strong petition on behalf of the campaign, supported by Transport Committee chair Caroline Pidgeon (Lib-Dem) and transport committee member Caroline Russell (Green).

Monday, 6 March 2017

Sister pays tribute to her brother - killed on the A23 in Streatham

Michelle Hammond, dad Martin and step-mum Shirley

Francis Hammond was known at work as the Big Friendly Teddy Bear - a young, caring man who had overcome childhood difficulties to become a trusted and much-loved carer in a nursing home.

It was 6.30am on Saturday May 31st, 2014 that Francis, aged 27, crossed the A23 at Streatham’s notorious St Leonard’s Junction – on his way to work in Wandsworth - and was killed by a motorcyclist.

His death was one of seven serious or fatal collisions at that junction in less than three years.[1]

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Bus garage blames drivers for hazardous parking on Streatham Hill


The management of the Brixton Bus Garage on Streatham Hill has replied to complaints about hazardous parking of buses on the A23 - by blaming drivers for not following the rules.

Up to 25 buses regularly park on the Red Route, forcing cyclists and sometimes pedestrians into the busy traffic - and blocking visibility for cars turning into Streatham Hill from Telford Avenue and Wavertree Road.

The junction is a hot-spot of collisions, including a number resulting in death and serious injury over recent years.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Police promise to act on bus garage parking hazard

Hazardous parking by buses outside the bus garage at Streatham Hill is to be addressed by the police, after Streatham's Green Team raised the issue.

The problem of buses parking on both sides of of Streatham Hill near the junctions with Wavertree Road and Telford  Avenue has been endangering pedestrians and other road users for over a year, but has worsened in recent months, affecting all those who travel into Streatham from Brixton direction.

Some evenings in February more than 20 buses have been counted parking illegally on the Red Route.  This causes hazards by:
* blocking the entrance to the garage, forcing pedestrians out onto the busy A23
* forcing cyclists to move into the outer lanes of the carriageway
* blocking the view of motorists emerging from side roads onto the A23

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Streatham air pollution breaks legal limits again

Pollution levels in Streatham broke EU legal limits in December - according to data from air quality monitors being organised by Green Party members and other local volunteers.

The levels of poisonous nitrogen dioxide gas were even worse than those recorded in November, when two of three Streatham monitors broke legal limits.

Local campaigner Chris Holt, who is helping to monitor air quality outside Streatham and Clapham High School in Daysbrook Road, Streatham Hill, said: "Even on these quiet side streets away from the busy main road, the pollution caused by diesel engines was dangerously high in both November and December."

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Plans for new bus lane on Streatham High Road

Proposals for a new bus lane northbound on Streatham High Road have been published. Transport for London (TfL) is seeking local views by Tuesday, 14th March.

The proposal is a bus lane operating Mon-Sat 7am-7pm, starting north of Becmead Avenue and ending near Drewstead Road. The lane would be open to buses, coaches, motorcycles and scooters, as well as cycles and taxis.

The pavement at 148 Streatham High Road (outside New Look, Poundland and Nationwide) would be narrowed by one metre to make way for a loading and disabled parking bay.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


With money saving and an increase in recycling rates in mind, from mid-January 2017 Lambeth Council will be delivering green recycling wheelie bins throughout the borough over a period of 6 weeks.

You should receive your green recycling wheelie bin by 3 March 2017, if not contact the call centre on 020 7926 9393.
The same recyclable materials as before will be collected from your green recycling wheelie bin. Please ensure that bottles, cartons and tins are rinsed before placing them in the bin.
· All paper – including magazines, newspapers, telephone directories
· newspapers, telephone directories, envelopes and junk mail
· Clean food and drink cartons – Tetrapak type containers
· All cardboard – including boxes, toilet and kitchen roll tubes, greetings cards and eggs boxes
 · Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
· Glass bottles and jars
· Tins and drinks cans
If you want to check further information on what can and can’t be recycled, please check
No food or green waste should be placed in the green recycling wheelie bin
Lambeth are changing the way rubbish is collected to provide:-
Easier recycling. Your green recycling wheelie bins will make recycling much easier for you. You won’t have to store recycled waste in your house until collection day, you no longer have to worry about sacks tearing or being too heavy, you don’t have to wait for clear recycling sacks to be delivered in order to dispose of your recycled waste.
Clean streets. The green recycling wheelie bins will keep your recycling tidy. Clear recycling sacks were able to be ripped open by foxes or other animals; with a bin there is less chance of mess.
● Capacity. The standard sized 240-litre green recycling wheelie bin that most residents will receive can hold the equivalent of five clear recycling sacks.
Saving. Supplying the clear recycling sacks to all residents in the borough costs around £600,000 a year to supply and deliver. The green recycling wheelie bins will replace the need to reorder and supply clear recycling sacks to each property and will last a long time. This makes them a more economical and environmentally sustainable approach than single-use clear recycling sacks

If your bins are not collected, or if there’s a mess on the street please report problems such as 
fly- tips, missed collections or street cleaning by calling 020 7926 9000 or 
Only people who have been identified as continuing to use the clear recycling sacks service will be able to order them online or from the call centre from March 2017. A roll of sacks will be delivered three times a year to these properties. We will no longer be providing bags at libraries from March and once you receive your green bin you will not receive the regular deliveries.
Q & A’s
Q: Will my collection day change?
Approximately 80% of residents will experience a waste collection day change, although there will be no change to the frequency of your collections which will remain weekly. We will notify you by letter nearer the time of the changes and when these changes will take effect. Until this time there will be no change, refuse and recycling collections will continue to be collected on your usual day on a weekly basis.
Q: Can I put my house number on my green recycling wheelie bin?
Yes. We encourage you to put your house number on all of your bins, this can help you to locate your bin should it go missing and help stop it from being stolen. Please use stickers or a stencil if you can. Alternatively, white paint will stand out well.
Q: Why is my green recycling wheelie bin bigger than my black refuse wheelie bin?
We want you to be able to recycle as much as possible, diverting as much waste as you can from your black refuse wheelie bin. We have therefore deliberately made the standard green recycling wheelie bin offered, larger than your black refuse wheelie bin. The majority of items used in the home are recyclable (paper, glass, tins, plastic, cartons) and so it makes more sense to have more space for these items.
Q: I don’t want a green recycling wheelie bin as I don’t recycle/Why is recycling important?
In Lambeth the vast majority of residents regularly use our recycling service, this is because they know that if you throw something away, it is no longer useful, in Lambeth it will end up being incinerated. However if you recycle something, it can be recovered and become material for a new product. The benefits to our environment are clear, however there is also a sound financial argument to recycling, it cost the council almost six times as much to treat a tonne of general rubbish than recycling. We need to increase the amount of rubbish we recycle as it’s more sustainable than disposing of waste by burning. 70% of your household waste is recyclable so the majority of your waste should go into your new green bin. The majority of residents use the recycling service and we need all residents to recycle as much off their waste as possible and having the new green recycling wheelie bin makes recycling easy. 5 Recycling also saves us money. The government has cut the council’s money by 56%. Most of our money goes on our most vulnerable residents through things like Adult Social Care and Children’s Services and they remain our priority. Dealing with a tonne of recycling is more than £100 cheaper for us than dealing with a tonne of normal waste! This frees up money we can use to protect other services. You can read more about the #ToughChoices we are having to make at
Q: I have an assisted collection; will my bin still be collected?
Yes, if you currently have an assisted collection for your other refuse and food bins this will also apply to your green recycling wheelie bin.
 Q: Do I have to put my recycling into the clear recycling sacks before I put them into the green wheelie bin?
No. Please place your recycling loose directly into the green wheelie bin. Clear recycling sacks are no longer needed to bag up your recycling. We also cannot accept black bags or any other type of plastic bag. You can return any unused bags to Lambeth Libraries.
Q: When can I start using my green recycling wheelie bin?
You can start using your green recycling wheelie bin as soon as you receive it. If you have already got recycling bagged up in clear recycling sacks ready for your next collection please empty these out into the your new bin. You do not need to use clear recycling sacks in the green recycling wheelie bin, please place items loose into the bin. Please do not place any black bags or food in the green recycling wheelie bins.
Q: The clear recycling sacks were really useful for storing recycling inside between collections.
You can use a reusable bag or box to store your recycling in and then empty the contents into your green recycling wheelie bin. Providing and delivering clear recycling sacks costs the council around £600,000 each year; considerable savings are being made by moving to wheeled bins and it’s also much more sustainable to take these additional single use clear sacks out of the system.
Q: What size is my green recycling wheelie bin?

The standard provision green recycling wheelie bin will be 240-litres per household (your black refuse bin is 140- litres). This size is enough to hold all of your recycling over a week and is in line with what other London Boroughs provide. Some residents living in houses of mixed occupancy will be allocated 240-litre or 360-litre green recycling wheelie bins to share to reduce the amount of containers to store while ensuring adequate capacity to recycle. Shared bins will be indicated by a white sticker. Where space is tight, some residents have been identified to receive a 140-litre green recycling wheelie bin to make storing the bin on your property easier.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Greens accuse TfL of favouring out-of-town commuters over Londoners

Greens campaign for Crossrail 2 at Streatham
Transport for London’s ruling out of Streatham as a stop on a proposed Crossrail 2 is based on flawed data and analysis – and favours the needs of out-of-town commuters over congested & disadvantaged Londoners, says the Green Party

In answer to a question to the London Mayor by Green London Assembly Member Caroline Russell, Transport for London rules out a Crossrail 2 route via Streatham on the grounds that it would add 4.5 minutes to the route into central London by travellers coming from the southwestern outer suburbs: Kingston, Hampton, Chessington, Epsom. 

It appears to be giving more weight to the needs of these commuters than the rapidly rising numbers of commuters from Streatham, who currently suffer much longer journey times than areas better served by public transport.

The TfL report claims Streatham is currently “well-served by rail”, a statement dismissed by Streatham Greens as a fantasy.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Engine idling action in Streatham, 18 January

Giant snakes and ladders with a life-saving message
The dangers of sitting in a car with the engine running will be highlighted in Streatham on Wednesday 18th January.

Volunteers will spread the messsage that air pollution kills nearly 10,000 Londoners each year.

Leaving engines running while stationary is an unnecessary source of air pollution. And combating this is particularly important in locations where there are high numbers of idling vehicle engines, such as schools, outside hospitals and by bus stops.