Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Greens accuse TfL of favouring out-of-town commuters over Londoners

Greens campaign for Crossrail 2 at Streatham
Transport for London’s ruling out of Streatham as a stop on a proposed Crossrail 2 is based on flawed data and analysis – and favours the needs of out-of-town commuters over congested & disadvantaged Londoners, says the Green Party

In answer to a question to the London Mayor by Green London Assembly Member Caroline Russell, Transport for London rules out a Crossrail 2 route via Streatham on the grounds that it would add 4.5 minutes to the route into central London by travellers coming from the southwestern outer suburbs: Kingston, Hampton, Chessington, Epsom. 

It appears to be giving more weight to the needs of these commuters than the rapidly rising numbers of commuters from Streatham, who currently suffer much longer journey times than areas better served by public transport.

The TfL report claims Streatham is currently “well-served by rail”, a statement dismissed by Streatham Greens as a fantasy.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Engine idling action in Streatham, 18 January

Giant snakes and ladders with a life-saving message
The dangers of sitting in a car with the engine running will be highlighted in Streatham on Wednesday 18th January.

Volunteers will spread the messsage that air pollution kills nearly 10,000 Londoners each year.

Leaving engines running while stationary is an unnecessary source of air pollution. And combating this is particularly important in locations where there are high numbers of idling vehicle engines, such as schools, outside hospitals and by bus stops.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Step-free access at Streatham station delayed again

Streatham's Green Team disappointed again
Plans to make Streatham Station accessible to wheelchairs, buggies, bikes and people with reduced mobility will not take place until 2020 at the earliest, Streatham Greens have learnt.
In response to a parliamentary question from Green Party peer Jenny Jones, transport minister Lord Ahmad wrote: “…it has become necessary to defer construction of the Access for All project at Streatham station until after 2019.”
This contradicts Network Rail area director Ellie Burrows, who in November told Streatham’s public Transport Question Time that work would take place in 2017/18.
Lord Ahmad said Network Rail would continue its development and design work at Streatham – in the hope that funding would become available in future.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Have your say on Greyhound Lane changes

Greyhound Lane option 2
The top of Greyhound Lane where it meets Streatham High Road is going to get a make-over as part of the Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme paid for with money from the Tesco's hub development.

Lambeth Council has come up with two options - both aimed at preventing the little access road at the top of Greyhound Lane being used as a rat-run, and creating a more pleasant space for pedestrians.

New plans for lethal St Leonard's Junction

Cllr Scott Ainslie and the Green team scrutinise plans
Transport for London is developing new plans for St Leonard's Junction - where two people have been killed and five seriously injured in just over two years.

The Streatham Green Team and other members of the Safer A23 Campaign have been working with TfL to propose changes to the road design aimed at reducing danger at the junction. For decades the junction has been a hazard for local people.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Residents let down by school travel plan - and planning process

As anyone living close to a school knows, the morning and afternoon drop-offs and pick-ups can be a nightmare for both local residents and parents.

Increased pollution, parking congestion, and risk of collisions are hazards endured twice a day throughout term time. Too often, conflicts arise, tempers flare and the relationship between the school and its neighbours is left broken. Perhaps most seriously, children can be put at risk.

This is one of the reasons schools have travel plans. With air pollution and road collisions high among the causes of death and ill-health throughout London, good travel plans also aim to promote walking and cycling as healthy ways of getting to school - for both staff and pupils.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Community groups fear loss of Streatham Common Lodge

Local parents have set up a petition to try and prevent the loss of the The Lodge at the top of Streatham Common for use by community groups, including the Forest School, which runs each Monday to help children to experience and nurture the natural environment.

The Forest School group has been running at the Lodge every Monday since April 2013. Children play outdoors in all weathers in a safe environment. They have craft and cooking activities, play in the wooded area at the top of the common, help with conservation work and pursue other outdoor activities under the supervision of the parents.